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What is Nowcasting? Why should you know it?

Are you trying to dig deep into financial markets? Keep reading to find out a modern approach known as Nowcasting!

Signal-to-Noise Trading

What is the signal-to-noise ratio, and why is it important in algorithmic trading?

Do you want to learn about the importance of Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) in algorithmic trading? Well, you are at the right place!

Machine Learning Trading

Machine Learning in Trading: Review of Q-Learning

In the trading world, you may come across a lot of unforeseen outcomes. But with Q learning, you open the door to a potential new edge.

Next decade In Global Finance according to Industry Quants

Industry Quants Predict The Next Decade In Global Finance

Quant was once considered to be the ‘Holy Grail’ in wholesale finance.¬†How it will change over the next decade?

Quant DeFi Strategies

Quant strategies now in DeFi

One of the reasons DeFi is suited for algorithmic trading is its financial dynamics. Let’s discuss how Quant strategies can be used in DeFi.


Why Do Arbitrage Opportunities Exist?

Arbitrage is as old as the profession of trading. Even in a bartering economy, arbitrage existed. But why do they exist?

Zorro Algorithmic Trading

Is Zorro project worth trying for algorithmic trading?

Should you try out the Zorro Project for backtesting and live execution of trading strategies? Let us find out.

Backtesting Overfitting

What is Backtesting overfitting, and why should you avoid it?

In this era of competitiveness in financial studies, opting for empirical research without backtesting overfitting is quite a chore. Read our article to avoid overfitting in your research.

Quantum Computing Quantitative Finance

What are the Impacts of Quantum Computing in Quantitative Finance?

Do your calculations take forever? Don’t worry anymore. Check our article on the impacts of quantum computing in quantitative finance to learn finance like a pro.

Cash and Carry Arbitrage

A gentle introduction to Cash and Carry Arbitrage

Cash and Carry Arbitrage is an arbitrage strategy that is market neutral. Here is a gentle introduction.

Kelly Criterion in Options Trading

How to use Kelly Criterion in Options Trading for sizing?

It is important to get the optimal position sizing in Trading. Here is a consideration on Kelly Criterion application to Options Trading.

Strategies Best Performing Hedge Funds 2020

Strategies of the Best Performing Hedge Funds of 2020

Are you looking for some interesting strategies to invest in 2021? Certainly, past returns are not a guarantee of future performance. However, a good start point could be the best performing strategies and hedge funds during 2020.


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