A gentle introduction to Cash and Carry Arbitrage

Cash and Carry Arbitrage is an arbitrage strategy that is market neutral. Here is a gentle introduction.

Strategies of the Best Performing Hedge Funds of 2020

Are you looking for some interesting strategies to invest in 2021? Certainly, past returns are not a guarantee of future performance. However, a good start point could be the best performing strategies and hedge funds during 2020.

Stock Market dynamics: an example of Emergence

In nature, many simple objects interacting with each other can self-organize into behaviors that seem unexpectedly complex. A well-documented example is the stock market.

What is Quantamental? and why is it important in state-of-the-art Quantitative Trading?

As stated in recent news, Quantamental strategies shine in the covid world since they combine quantitative and fundamental strategies.

How to hedge your portfolio from a market correction with options?

Once in a while, you should deploy hedging strategies for market corrections. Options allow you to properly manage your portfolio.

How to get historical data from IB using IBridgePy?

The first step in building automated trading strategies is to get the raw data from reliable sources. Even when there are plenty of options to get the historical financial data, having a good source for free would not hurt.

WTI Oil Price – An Introduction

I would like to share my brief research in the oil market from fundamental and price-action perspectives. First of all, I will mention the principal, but non-exclusive, factors that affect Oil prices. Finally, I will introduce a rolling estimation of oil prices based on the assumption of log-normal daily return distribution.

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