Why Do Arbitrage Opportunities Exist?

Arbitrage is as old as the profession of trading. Even in a bartering economy, arbitrage existed. But why do they exist?

What is Backtesting overfitting, and why should you avoid it?

In this era of competitiveness in financial studies, opting for empirical research without backtesting overfitting is quite a chore. Read our article to avoid overfitting in your research.

A gentle introduction to Cash and Carry Arbitrage

Cash and Carry Arbitrage is an arbitrage strategy that is market neutral. Here is a gentle introduction.

Stock Market dynamics: an example of Emergence

In nature, many simple objects interacting with each other can self-organize into behaviors that seem unexpectedly complex. A well-documented example is the stock market.

Data Science in Trading – A Step Beyond Quant Trading

Data science finds its way into different aspects of finance. It is a result of large volumes of financial data available in this modern trading world.

Getting Started with Algorithmic Trading – Quantra

Algorithmic trading is the use of computer programs for entering trade orders with algorithms deciding on aspects such as timing, prices, and quantity of the order with lack or even without human intervention.

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